The new and the very very old

He's been out and about with the camera - so some of the new additions   Starting out with Alvin, Simon and Theodore - the 2 lambs are now nearly the same size as Alvin and... well absolute and utter brats. Funny as - but most of the laughing accompan… more »

Water, water everywhere? Not likely, but just how much is there?

Water is a hot topic around these parts. It has been dreadfully dry and so we are doing everything we can to manage our water. Part of this is measuring how much we have and how quickly we are using it. Enter my old friend the Arduino, that I've done a… more »

It's here!!!!

It was one of those typical Sunday afternoons - the Weekly Times broken up into parts and spread all over the table - and both of us reading out bits and pieces of interest as we encountered them. So he says something along the lines of "there's a 10,0… more »

We Haven't Posted Much for Ages

It's been quite a gap between posts here. To be brutally honest, a lot of that has been complete and utter lack of interest. Why, never bothered to consider. It's definitely been busy - we've been working on so much on the property, but the biggest b… more »

The chooks don't believe the Climate Change skeptics

I often wonder about the climate change skeptics. Do they really not understand increased energy input into chaotic systems?  Probably not.  I know our chooks don't really care what they believe, all they know is that it is hot, and we have now lost two… more »