has moved

If you are a regular visitor to you may have noticed a maintenance message being displayed for a number of hours today. There is nothing much wrong, except that we have changed our upstream hosting provider. We hope that this will provide… more »

dotProject 2.1 rc2 is out

dotProject 2.1 is coming closer to realisation. The 2.1 release candidate 2 that I pushed out today is the result of a large amount of effort in cleaning up the codebase and closing off a number of bugs, including some potentially serious security… more »

MySQL Users Conf preparations

Well, I'm now confirmed for my speaking engagement at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo and have put together a set of slides for the presentation. I'm really looking forward to this, my first, UC and looking at the list of tutorials and sessions, I'm… more »

dotProject 2.1 release candidate 1 is out

dotProject 2.1 RC 1 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release but with so many changes and code cleanups and minor enhancements that we figured we may as well up the release number. Note that this is a Release Candidate. I.e. it is not… more »

MySQL Users Conference and Expo

It is that time of the year again, registrations are now open for the annual MySQL Users Conference and Expo in Santa Clara in April. This year will be a first for me, as I get to present a talk on managing large scale websites using LAMP. For open… more »