Telstra BigPond Accounting Failure?

This morning I was considering downloading a site image to work on locally, something I do every now and then.  As usual I checked my download quota on BigPond as we are on a limited bandwidth, being out in the sticks and not having access to real… more »

Open letter to Yahoo! account holders

Yahoo! account holders are being witheld information that they signed up to receive. This is not the fault of the services they signed up with, but rather the arcane and obscure mechanisms by which Yahoo! supposedly identifies spam sources. If you are a… more »

Adding dynamic fields to Signups on Drupal

In my day job at SkySQL I work with Drupal as our content management system.  One thing we often need to do is provide a way for people to sign up for events and the like.  One such event is the upcoming SkySQL and MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL®… more »

Yahoo and the great SPAM ripoff

In my private life I run a mail server, have done so for almost 20 years.  Recently (as in the last 12 months) we moved to a VPS because I no longer had (or wanted) the infrastructure to run a server in-house.  Since then I've been fighting a losing… more »

See you at LCA2012 this year kicks off next week in Ballarat, just down the road from me.  I'll be there and even have a speaking gig, not in the main conference but in the HA and Distributed Storage mini-conf before the main event. I'll be talking about… more »