Open letter to Yahoo! account holders

Yahoo! account holders are being witheld information that they signed up to receive. This is not the fault of the services they signed up with, but rather the arcane and obscure mechanisms by which Yahoo! supposedly identifies spam sources. If you are a Yahoo! account holder, and you suspect that you are not getting email you should, chances are you are correct. Notify Yahoo! that their mechanisms for problem resolution simply do not work and you are going to vote with your fingers and move to another email provider.

The detail behind this is that I have two virtual servers that are with a VPS provider, on two completely different subnets and from the time they were commissioned, no email has been accepted by Yahoo! for its account holders with an error message that appears to be for persistent spamming.  This is clearly an error, one that I have tried for weeks now to resolve with Yahoo! without success.  They will not admit that their detection of spamming cannot be for mail they have yet to receive, but instead most likely for a previous owner of the IP addresses in question. They will not provide any clear information even as to the reason that we are - in their quaint and completely incorrect terminology - "deprioritized".

I don't really want prioiritised mail services, any level of mail service would be fine with me, and I suspect with those users who in good faith have signed up with one of the services we host.  "Deprioritized" suggests that there is a chance the mail will get through, just not in a timely fashion. What we have is in fact a complete embargo on mail from our servers.

It doesn't matter how you wrap it up or what policies you quote ad-infinitum, Yahoo!  If your system starts blocking mail on the first attempt then there is something wrong with your system, not mine.  If it is for prior usage of the IP address, then provide me with the methods of showing that the IP address changed hands so you can reset your system. Don't lie to me and tell me that it is temporary and will resolve itself once I get my systems in line with your policies.  It is not temporary, it is a complete block.  My systems are in line with your policies and have been for quite some time.  You will not answer any of my questions with anything other than a pointer or extract from your policy documents - so I have no idea (and I suspect neither do you) of why I am listed at all, let alone how to resolve it.

So if you are a Yahoo! account holder, stop this nonsense by switching provider. I can't be the only service provider that is affected this way, so even if you are not on one of the services we host, I can assure you there is a good probability you are affected.

If you are Yahoo!, stop this nonsense by acknowledging your system is flawed and fixing it.

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