In memory of Eileen Mary Donnison (nee Cain)

Today, the day before Mother's Day, my mother died.  It was fitting in some ways, she hated Mother's Day as she thought you shouldn't need a special day to remember your mother - that should be every day. My mother was born Eileen Mary Cain in the peri… more »

Arduino antics

I had heard of Arduino for a while, but it wasn't until the 2012 Linux.Conf.AU in Ballarat that I got my hands on one.  Freetronics had come up with an Arduino compatible USB stick called the LeoStick and they provided a free one to each conference… more »

Anatomy of a Failure: CFA Website

  As a result of disasterous fires in our state in 2009 known as Black Saturday there was a Royal Commission into the fires, the management of them and the deaths that occurred as a result.  Coming out of this was a set of recommendations and changes… more »

License confusion and the stripping of rights.

I really thought that the time of license confusion was well past, and we had all settled down and understood the basis, and ramifications of each of the open source licenses.  It seems I was wrong. Having a look at a piece of code recently I noticed… more »

Telstra BigPond Accounting Failure?

This morning I was considering downloading a site image to work on locally, something I do every now and then.  As usual I checked my download quota on BigPond as we are on a limited bandwidth, being out in the sticks and not having access to real… more »