Vale Billy the Pig

Vale Billy the Pig

Billy the Pig was one of a kind.  She had the sweetest temperament right up to the end. Unfortunately her body - or parts of it, gave out and we had to make the hard decision to let her go. And hard it was.  Even at the very end there were contented snuffles as she munched her favourite treat of pear.  It was heart breaking.

Billy had been with us for over 13 years, and when we first picked her up it was in a cat carrier.  Before we had to put her on a diet we estimated she weighed over 200kg. She was fiercely independent and would not accept help even when it was obvious she couldn't get around without it.

When she blew her cruciate ligament and had to be separated from her sister, she seemed quite happy with the situation. No doubt not having to fight with her pushy sister for food was part of that.  Still, for over 8 months she was kept apart and never lost her sweet nature, and was always up for a cuddle, even it if was a pretext for giving her an injection.

Sweet Billy, we are raising a glass in your honour.  We will sorely miss you

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