Thank you Benjamin

May 22nd, 2009
We're really pleased that Benjamin (aka TheIdeaMan) has offered to help out the project by taking on more of the administrative tasks. Benjamin has been a much valued and liked member of the dev team for quite a while now and his offer to assist is much… more »

Semi-Regular Post - dotProject is not dead

December 8th, 2008
dp3 development proceeded apace whilst we were able to pay one of our developers a wage. Unfortunately that doesn't last forever, and whilst the sponsorship amount was unbelievably generous, eventually a full-time job was required. Most of the day jobs… more »

dotProject v2.1.2 - Bug Fix / Security Updates & Performance Enhancements

July 29th, 2008
Version 2.1.2 was released tonight - 29th July 2008. You can get the update from: dotProject Sourceforge Download Further information on what is included in this release is available at: We suggest that all sites upgrade as… more »

dp3 hackfest

June 28th, 2008
I guess it is a bit presumptive to call two developers a hackfest, however mosen and I have spent the last week hacking away at dp3 (dotProject version 3 for the uninitiated) and achieving some considerable milestones. I have been a bit disillusioned… more »

We don't pay for bug reports on dotProject

June 17th, 2008
After all these years as an admin on dotProject, you get to the point where you think you've seen it all. Having spent, what is increasingly close to 50 years on the planet does give you some expectations with regard to other people's behaviour. But… more »