MySQL 101 - Sorting and Searching: ORDER BY, WHERE, GROUP BY

In our last episode we were able to select some information from our bookshop database, this time we look at putting this into some semblence of order.  To fully investigate this topic we need a few more entries in our database, so rather than detail… more »

MySQL 101 - Retrieving data: SELECT and JOIN

In our last episode we started building up our online bookshop database, with tables for publishers, authors, formats and books.  At the moment we only have one book in there, so before we go too far, lets add a few more: INSERT INTO `book` VALUES (… more »

MySQL 101 - Creating your first database

In our last episode we found out how to connect to a MySQL server.  This time we learn how to lay out a database and start creating it. For this, and following episodes, we will be looking at creating a database to support an online bookshop. Creating… more »

MySQL 101 - Connecting to a MySQL server

In our last episode we looked at getting MySQL, today we will be looking at how you connect to a MySQL server and what that implies. Connection basics Before a client can connect to a MySQL server it needs a path by which that connection can be made.… more »

MySQL 101 - Getting MySQL

This is the first in a series of posts on MySQL® for those new to the database, or those migrating from another DBMS. So you've made the decision to try MySQL.  Now you just have to get it installed. Luckily for most purposes MySQL is quite often… more »