Memcached and

Seems like more secrets are being let out of the bag. MySQL Enterprise provides support for Memcached - a distributed memory-based caching system, and I've been asked to present a webinar discussing how we've used memcached in the architecture.

Once again it may come as a surprise that the websites have been using memcached well before MySQL started providing support. We were starting to have growing pains, with now 20 million page impressions and 3 million visitors per month, and needed to figure out how to effectively scale without throwing heaps of hardware at the problem. Memcached was a perfect solution and gives us a toolkit that is easily integrated into our architecture and flexible enough to address a number of scaling issues.

If you want to find out more then why not register for the webinar? It will cost you nothing but around 45 minutes of your time and you get to fire all those difficult questions you've always wanted to ask at me!

I'll also be discussing Query Analyzer and how we used it to get orders of magnitude improvement in query performance on

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