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Arian Maykon de Araújo Diógenes (dead_thinker)Nice work, congratulations and thanks for the great work!
Great software!

Imagine it when released with Zend Framework code! :D
26/11/09 @ 14:16
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Arian, oh we are. ;)
26/11/09 @ 17:35
Comment from: Cass [Visitor]
CassI was pretty happy to see a new release surfacing. Given the version number, nothing new to be expected, mainly fixes. No problem here, just surprised that issue 2547 was not fixed even where a fix was provided by the community.
Is there a specific reason why the performance killer was not fixed?
27/11/09 @ 21:19
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Cass, we're planning on a follow-up release that will contain that fix. We had a set list of issues for this release. We will be incorporating speed fixes into a release soon--we want them too! :)
29/11/09 @ 16:12
Comment from: Santosh Sheelvant [Visitor] Email
Santosh SheelvantHi,

Nice to see the new release.

My concern is, whether the task notification through is fixed or not?

I have the old version working perfectly, except this major issue.

Awaiting your response
30/11/09 @ 23:53
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Santosh, please consult the forums on the task notification issue: http://forums.dotproject.net/
01/12/09 @ 09:10
Comment from: malte [Visitor]
malteHey, congratulations and thanks for the release. It works great. I just had some problems with the mbstring php library coming with my centos 4 distribution.

If you face the same problem: http://www.atomicorp.com/wiki/index.php/PHP fixed my problem.
03/12/09 @ 04:24
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor]
RaymondHi team!

I have to say thank you for your effort!

08/12/09 @ 16:08
Comment from: RK [Visitor]
RKHey, This is good news. Congrats and Thanks for this release!

08/12/09 @ 19:22
Comment from: joel box [Visitor]
joel boxHi great work,

But where can we find the upgrade instructions?

keep up the good work!
09/12/09 @ 01:47
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@joel box, the documentation site is the best resource for this kind of information: http://docs.dotproject.net/

You can find the upgrade instructions at this URL:

Hope you enjoy 2.1.3!
09/12/09 @ 03:59
Comment from: Yan [Visitor]
YanThe perfect! Good job team! Thanks, thanks and thanks. Dot Project very useful for me and my IT department.
10/12/09 @ 21:11
Comment from: Rodel Maranon [Visitor]
Rodel MaranonThanks for providing the link. This is really a great application.
11/12/09 @ 19:40
Comment from: Neil Thomas [Visitor]
Neil ThomasIs it just me, but I can't find the documentation on how to upgrade to 2.1.3, can someone help
12/12/09 @ 00:24
Comment from: Fred [Visitor]
FredJust one Q: is this release now PHP 5.3 compliant? I spent a couple of hours fruitlessly trying to install and run dP on localhost with XAMPP until I read the fora and found that the 'problem' was caused by PHP 5.3
12/12/09 @ 02:23
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Neil Thomas, the link for upgrading is a couple comments above yours as well as below:

There's nothing unique to the process for this release, but do be aware of the PHP 5.2 need for this release.

@Fred, it's not PHP 5.3 compatible yet, but we hope to have that out soon. The PEAR Date library--which we current depend on--is the remaining hold up.
12/12/09 @ 09:28
Comment from: Italo [Visitor]
Italograzie :o)
30/12/09 @ 10:54
Comment from: rerbin [Visitor]
rerbinThanks for the great work
02/01/10 @ 19:39
Comment from: Binh Nguyen [Visitor]
Binh NguyenThank you very much for excellent information. The application is very good. Thank you all for delivering the tool.
13/01/10 @ 15:23
Comment from: aladeck [Visitor]
aladeckThank you very much
18/01/10 @ 16:01
Comment from: Stepan [Visitor]
StepanThank you, we waiting for the new release. DP is exellent soft
22/01/10 @ 01:00
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]
PeterHi all
any idea, when the new version will be available?
Thanks for that great work!
24/01/10 @ 22:21
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Peter, we hope soon! We'll certainly keep everyone posted.
26/01/10 @ 03:02
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]

I can't wait for the new version. I just downloaded version 2.1.3. Trying it out with a few software team projects.

Oh, will we be able to Migrate to 3.x? Just curious. :)
09/02/10 @ 17:37
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideamanPaul, glad you're liking 2.1.3. We do have plans to make it easily upgradable to 3.x.
10/02/10 @ 02:10
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]
DanielWhat is the latest PHP version suported?
I am using 5.2.11 now and is working and in 5.3.1 is not working?
Any ideea?
15/02/10 @ 11:14
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email

Currently, only PHP 5.2 is supported. We're working on both a back-port to PHP 5.1 and PHP 5.3 compatibility.
16/02/10 @ 06:00
Comment from: azhar [Visitor] Email
azharhow to create a graphical presentation of allocated hours in dotproject2.1.2
19/02/10 @ 01:40
Comment from: Max [Visitor] Email
MaxHi, thanks for dotProject. I used my HostGator Fantastico to install the version before this one. Is there a way to manually upgrade or do I have to wait on Fantastico>

01/03/10 @ 08:28
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@azhar, that's a great question for the forums: http://forums.dotproject.net/

@Max, you'll have to wait on Fantastico, I'm afraid.
02/03/10 @ 04:36
Comment from: kevin [Visitor]
kevinGood work. Has issues with php 5.3.0 though. Any chance of this being sorted soon?
05/03/10 @ 22:54
Comment from: Wintermute [Visitor]
WintermuteThanks for the update.
10/03/10 @ 07:54
Comment from: Quan Ngon [Visitor]
Quan NgonDoesn't support Vietnamese yet, I installed DP on Windows machine, MYSQL with UTF8-General_ci charset, when I input Unicode and create ganttchart or PDF report, it's still like older version
12/03/10 @ 00:24
Comment from: Claude [Visitor] Email

I would like to install dot projet but only have a PC under windows XP SP2. Is it possible to find somewere an exec package for windows ?
Thanks in advance for your help
13/03/10 @ 04:05
Comment from: meyvetabagi [Visitor]
meyvetabagiAbsolutely the best project management software on this planet. And it's nice to see it's being updated :)
14/03/10 @ 20:33
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Claude, the forums are your friend for this kind of info: http://forums.dotproject.net/

@meyvetabagi, thanks for the kudos. :)
17/03/10 @ 02:26
Comment from: Benson [Visitor]
BensonHi, there 2.1.2 install success, but 2.1.3 is fail.
I also need the way to manual upgrade the version of 2.1.3
31/03/10 @ 16:06
Comment from: pritesh chandra [Visitor] Email
pritesh chandrathe "backward compatible solution" is here


pritesh chandra
07/04/10 @ 18:27
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@pritesh chandra, thanks for the link. We've got a very similar fix en route for 2.1.4--which we'll be announcing soon, hopefully.
08/04/10 @ 04:42
Comment from: Asker Ali M [Visitor]
Asker Ali MCan you please tell me which is teh correct version of PHP/MySql required for dotProject 2.1.3 version,
Now I have installed WampServer 2.0, where it is completely showing Deprecated warnings, and some where the SQL Errors also,
04/05/10 @ 01:34
Comment from: theideaman [Member] Email
theideaman@Asker Ali M, you can use PHP 5.2 with WampServer 2, I believe. dotProject 2.1.3 is not compatible with PHP 5.3, though the next release (2.1.4) will be.
04/05/10 @ 08:18
Comment from: Yohan [Visitor]
YohanI like dP very much,
and I'm still waiting for PHP 5.3 compliance. hope it won't be too long :)

keep up the good work
15/06/10 @ 01:48

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