Alpaca Feeding Station and stuff

We've been talking about a feeding station for the Alpaca's - something to keep the rain off their hay and "treats".

The frame of this actually started life earlier in the week as a table stand in the hot house - but once we added the sleepers to the top if was a bit high to work on, and then I was looking at it and it dawned on me....

So clever Adam did a bit of adjusting - and we have a feeding station.

The bottom has some wire on it to hold their hay off the ground and a couple of old olive oil cans have been carefully edged to make sure there's nothing sharp - and that's where we'll put their pellets and treat mix. (Well after they've taken it out of our hands or the bucket!)

They are still a little nervous of it, but they have been using it today - once they get comfortable with the idea of a roof over their heads, it's going to be very handy.

Whilst I was out there - Angelina and Slippery Jim are enjoying their daily outing to the long grass.

Plus - a reasonable photo of 3 of the Kingswood Country girls:

Who are getting a sanctioned afternoon out, not that they need it - we seem to spend most of the day chasing them back in.

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