Telstra BigPond Accounting Failure?

This morning I was considering downloading a site image to work on locally, something I do every now and then.  As usual I checked my download quota on BigPond as we are on a limited bandwidth, being out in the sticks and not having access to real… more »

Open letter to Yahoo! account holders

Yahoo! account holders are being witheld information that they signed up to receive. This is not the fault of the services they signed up with, but rather the arcane and obscure mechanisms by which Yahoo! supposedly identifies spam sources. If you are a… more »

From MySQL to SkySQL - Reflections

This month marked SkySQL's first anniversary.  It also marks my 6 months with the company, after being with MySQL AB (and then Sun and finally Oracle) for over 5 years. As good a time as any for a look back and some musings of the future. In late 2005 I… more »

Telework, NBN and short-sightedness

I was listening to the ABC (not the US commercial one, the Australian public broadcaster) and they were discussing the fact that the National Broadband Network (NBN in government-speak) was not likely to live up to expectations for those outside of… more »

Demonising your opponent 101 - or when a story isn't

I have been following the WikiLeaks story with growing concern, but when came out with their story entitled Inside Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange's Lair I became hot under the collar. What? The heading doesn't say that? Oh yes, that is… more »