Tunnelling (House) Up Up and Away

Once the hot house was installed we started off by getting some seedling trays in and going (as it would be the next weekend before we could build the raised bed down one side):

So whilst that was all ticking over nicely (and some seeds have already sprouted), the next weekend was spent constructing my fabulous big long raised bed (and moving ... seriously about 1 tonne ... of straw into it).

They were visited early on by Grace who seemed to disapprove (too high for her to scavenge in, although she does like to sunbathe in there if I leave the door open for her!)

And finally - the essential hot house tool:

Well it will be the most essential tool until we've hooked up the solar panel and set up the shower in there.

We're not joking.


Comment from: sally from Darwin [Visitor]
sally from Darwin

Wayne says rather than a “hot house” chicken - you need some Indian Runner Ducks - good layers and goes nicely with Pinot :)

It’s ok - I have smacked him and informed him that you don’t eat pets :)

28/05/09 @ 20:03
Comment from: [Member]

Funny he should mention ducks - the bath’s ready to be buried in the ground for the 2nd pond as we speak :) Indian runners are very handy in vineyards for managing pests - might be why they go so well with Pinot!

(But you’re right - man deserved a smack for that crack… eating something with a name for goodness sake!)

29/05/09 @ 08:59
Comment from: Evan [Visitor]

Speaking of pets. Murray went MIA-PD a few months ago (17, half-blind, half-deaf, arthritis, a bit of dementia - think he just decided it was time and went off to die - old cats do that - very inconsiderate.)

Anyway, the plan is to go to the animal shelter tomorrow to adopt a couple of kittens.

Dropped in there today to check the lay of the land - is heart breaking to see so many animals there and know 3/4 will be put down. Made me start considering if we could cope with another dog as well… but probably not.

29/05/09 @ 19:08
Comment from: [Member]

I’m so sorry to hear about Murray - he’s had such an eventful life that cat!

It would be great if you would be able to gird the loins and go for a second dog - another one doesn’t add a lot to the general mix, and a bitzer or something from the pound will probably be as tough as tough can be (hence vet bill considerations). But dog’s are great with other dogs - reminds them who they are - plus they are company for each other when the packs away.

I’m terrified of pounds - I don’t know I’d be able to escape unencumbered so to speak.

01/06/09 @ 15:47