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Comment from: John  

I moved to Blackeberg a few months back, then heard about the vampires, then found the book. Just finished it yesterday, while away on holiday in Spain. Walking around Blackeberg on my return tonight was weird. Most of the place is the same (I looked in the the gym hall, and walked past the school and under the bridge, just half an hour ago).
This is a breathtaking book (I read it in Swedish, although the English translation is supposed to be very good). It is horrible, repulsive, uplifting captivating. And as the reviewer writes, very graphic. If you have a sensitive disposition, hope the “easy-to-read” version comes out in English soon.
There is a movie, in Swedish, coming out in April. DO NOT watch the trailer until you have read the book.
Good review by Karen.

05/02/08 @ 11:29
Comment from: Carlos Eduardo  
Carlos Eduardo

Unfortunately, i saw the movie without reading the book.
None the less, i found the movie very, very good and the place was beautiful. It looks very good in the screen.
Now, i feel like visiting Blackberg…in the winter!

02/05/08 @ 19:46