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Thumbprint, Friedrich Glauser

June 28th, 2007
Friedrich Glauser was born in Vienna in 1896, dying at aged forty-two after a tumultuous and way too short life. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, addicted to morphine and opium, he spent much of his life in psychiatric wards, insane asylums and, when he was… more »

Melbourne Writers Festival - Opening Dinner

June 27th, 2007
As part of the general celebrations 4MA (my all time favourite book discussion list on the Internet) has a tradition of an opening dinner at all conferences that a bunch of subscribers to the list attend. MWF has become a bit of a 4MA gathering as a… more »

More General Ramblings

June 26th, 2007
Well the world of puppies is starting to improve. Clancy is almost, perhaps, when he gets confused, looking like he might just forget himself and play with Jedda. We live in hope. She's also had a couple of large outings out and about in the garden… more »


June 24th, 2007
Well, my reading speed has slowed to the pace of an unwell snail thanks to her ladyship and the general upheaval of a new puppy in the house, so I thought why not just ramble on. It's been one week now since we bought her home. The first couple of days… more »

The Sacred Bones, Michael Byrnes

June 13th, 2007
Title: THE SACRED BONES Author: Michael Byrnes Publisher: Simon & Schuster Edition released: June 2007 ISBN: 978-1-8473-7011-2 438 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm THE SACRED BONES is another entry in the recently well-populated field of confrontational… more »