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I want........

February 15th, 2006
I think I need a new category on this blog, just to list books that are making my credit card itch. Have a look at this review, borrowed from Text Publishing's home page Kel Robertson Dead Set: An Inspector Chen Novel… more »

Under the Umbrian Weather

February 14th, 2006
A serialised novel published on under their Entertainment > Books links - written by the wonderful Shane Maloney. What fun, I guess if it's good enough for Alexander McCall-Smith it's more than good enough for our Shane. Follow… more »

A Venetian Reckoning, Donna Leon

February 13th, 2006
Title: A Venetian Reckoning Author: Donna Leon Publisher: Pan ISBN: 0-330-34416-1 Rather than the normal method of being called out, Commisarrio Guido Brunetti learns of the death of prominent international lawyer Carlo Trevisan from the headlines in… more »

Cock of the Walk, Wendy Laing

February 9th, 2006
Okay, this is a bit of an odd entry because I've not actually listened to the book yet, but I came across something fascinating on ebay recently and just had to bid and get a copy. Cock of the Walk by Wendy Laing is an audio book on CD, self-published… more »

One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, Christopher Brookmyre

February 8th, 2006
Title: One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night Author: Christopher Brookmyre ISBN: 0-7515-3183-9 Gavin is a holiday tour operator turned big spending resort developer who was invisible at school. Simone, his wife, has had enough of Gavin and his… more »