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Blood is Thicker, J S McGrath

August 22nd, 2007
I've just posted a review of this Australian author's book at: This is an author I've never heard of anywhere else. Fell over the book buried in a Country Victorian bookshop I was rummaging around in a year or… more »

The Dante Trap, Arnaud Delalande

August 19th, 2007
The Dante Trap by Arnaud Delalande is set in 1756 Venice - for a full review please check out the main site: more »

The Killing Hour, Paul Cleave

August 17th, 2007
In the same shopping "spree" I found the second book by NZ Author Paul Cleave - The Killing Hour was available as well. I really thought that The Cleaner was a very good debut book last year so I'm looking forward to this one as well.… more »

Scarlet Stiletto - The First Cut edited by Lindy Cameron

August 17th, 2007
FINALLY I've managed to buy myself (well find firstly) a copy of Scarlet Stiletto edited by Lindy Cameron. This book is a collection of spine-chilling crime fiction stories culled from the annual local Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Awards. For more… more »

Shark Bait, Susan Geason

August 15th, 2007
I'm reminiscing through the TBR stacks at the moment and Shark Bait by Susan Geason caught my eye. Full review at: more »