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Review - El Dorado, Dorothy Porter

September 9th, 2007
Just posted a Review of this really fascinating Crime in Verse novel at: more »

Review - The Patience of the Spider, Andrea Camilleri

September 7th, 2007
On the main site again: Full review posted. more »

Review - Inspector Imanishi Investigates, Seicho Matsumoto

September 7th, 2007
Just posted a review of this over on the main site: more »

Review - The Man who Went up in Smoke, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo

September 5th, 2007
Just posted on the main site: more »

A Night at the Neds 2007

September 4th, 2007
FINALLY - a bit of a ramble through a coolish August night in a tent with a lot of people obsessed with killing ?fictional? characters: more »