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Mixed Fancies, Brenda Blethyn

June 12th, 2007
Title: MIXED FANCIES Author: Brenda Blethyn Publisher: Simon & Schuster Edition released: June 2007 ISBN: 978-1-4165-2786-2 296 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm In this age, where there appear to be more and more people obsessed with being "famous for… more »

The Seducer, Jan Kjærstad

June 8th, 2007
I've been absent for a while - mostly due to lack of time, probably really due to lack of anything to say. But there have been reasons for the silence here recently - firstly it's early winter and "things" have to be done gardening wise. So when not… more »

Thirty-Three Teeth, Colin Cotterill

June 4th, 2007
Title: THIRTY-THREE TEETH Author: Colin Cotterill Publisher: Text Publishing Edition released: June 2007 ISBN: 978-1-921145-88-9 244 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm THIRTY-THREE TEETH is the follow up to THE CORONER'S LUNCH featuring the elderly,… more »

Ned Kelly Nominees - 2007

May 31st, 2007
I swear I'm starting to look like a white rabbit now, as well as run behind line one. But the list of Ned Kelly Nominees - either completely linked to their author bios and books (or being linked as we speak) is now up on Aust Crime Fiction:… more »

The Colour of Blood, Declan Hughes

May 31st, 2007
Title: THE COLOUR OF BLOOD Author: Declan Hughes Publisher: Hachette Livre Edition released: May 2007 ISBN: 978-0-7195-6841-1 346 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm THE COLOUR OF BLOOD is the second Ed Loy novel by Declan Hughes, the first being The Wrong… more »