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March 21st, 2007
Some would hasten to suggest that I need this like a hole in the head, but boy do I love this new community: Set up by Daniel Hatadi I was invited to join recently by… more »

Farewell Billy

February 28th, 2007
Billy Thorpe died this morning at around 2.30am. You can only imagine what it must be like for a family who lose somebody close to them. When they share that loss with lots of us, around a certain age, for whom Billy was a childhood and young adult… more »

dotProject Release

February 17th, 2007
Well, we started about 10.00am this morning and we've just got the bulk of the work done for the next release of dotProject. That's just the final check off / final documentation / running through a couple of last test installations / sorting out any… more »

Upcoming Australian Titles

January 4th, 2007
We've added (in ANTICIPATION) links to some books due for publication in 2007 recently announced: JM Calder: And Hope to Die Adrian D'Hage: The Beijing Conspiracy Gabrielle Lord: Shattered Barry Maitland: Bright Air Shane Maloney: Sucked In Dorothy… more »

Recommended Blogs

February 10th, 2006
I've been wandering around a lot of book related blogs recently and I'm slowly building up a list of those that I really like. If you have a look at the links on these blogs we're all starting to add others that are well worth the reading time. Feel… more »