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The Shape of Water, Andrea Camilleri

May 29th, 2006
Title: The Shape of Water Author: Andrea Camilleri Publisher: Picador Edition released: 2004 ISBN: 0-330-49286-1 Classification: Crime 244 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm THE SHAPE OF WATER is the first in Camilleri's series of books featuring Inspector… more »

Fabulous Nobodies, Lee Tulloch

May 28th, 2006
Not a formal review, more a bit of a comment. I read this because I've been trying to make sure I plug some gaps in my Australian author reading. Fabulous Nobodies isn't crime fiction, I think if I was trying to find a "category" it would be cringe… more »

The Coroner's Lunch

May 27th, 2006
Title: The Coroner's Lunch Author: Colin Cotterill Publisher: Text Publishing Edition released: 2006 ISBN: 1-921145-18-8 Classification: Crime 287 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm In 1975, and in the middle of Laos' new communist regime's teething… more »

Gone, Lisa Gardner

May 15th, 2006
Title: Gone Author: Lisa Gardner Publisher: Orion Books Edition released: 2006 ISBN: 0-75287-360-1 Classification: Crime 340 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm It is a dark and stormy night in Oregon when former law officer Rainie Connor disappears. Her… more »

Thud, Terry Pratchett

May 8th, 2006
Title: THUD! Author: Terry Pratchett Publisher: Doubleday Edition released: 2005 ISBN: 0-385-60867-5 Classification: Fantasy 362 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm The origins of the Battle of Koom Valley between the Trolls and the Dwarves is obscure and… more »

Peepshow, Leigh Redhead

May 5th, 2006
Title: PEEPSHOW Author: Leigh Redhead Publisher: Allen & Unwin Edition released: 2004 ISBN: 1-86508-637-1 Classification: Crime 291 pages Review by: Karen Chisholm Simone Kirsh (aka Vivien Leigh) has an interesting job history - ex prawn trawler hand… more »